Most Pleasurable Sex Position

Making love is a lot more than stripping and having sex. If it has to be right, then there is the need to understand what brings your partner the greatest pleasure. Love making is the greatest form of communication, something that can be used to further heighten the feeling of love and bonding in a relationship. For love making to be effective, there is the need to understand the different love making positions, and make a choice based on the difference.

Most people would rather stick with their good old missionary position, as this is the safest and most comfortable position. However, as a man, you might want to look into adding a little spice to your relationship, as it has been shown that most women have fantasies about trying newer love making positions.

The Missionary position

A lot of women still prefer this method of making love. This position is the most familiar, and is the most common kind of love making position to be seen in the movies and cinemas. It is a very old position, apparently the love making position used by missionaries in the early days.

The advantage this method has going is its simplicity, its familiarity and the comfort it brings the couple. It is among the most pleasurable sex position for women.

Belly Flop

In this love making position, the woman would have to lie down on her stomach, supporting her weight with her forearms. She would also spread her legs to the side, giving the man space to position him above and behind her, from where he can make his entry into her sexual organ. If you wish to try out this position, a good way to start is to put a pillow under the pelvic bone of the woman, so that her hips will be positioned in such a way that you can make contact with her G-spot easily. This will afford you the opportunity of making her reach orgasm. In order not to crush her with your weight, you might want to extend your arms a little above her.

This position is preferred by most people because of its simplicity, ease of use and its amazing ability to make a woman orgasm.

The Clip Position

In this position, it is the man who lies down, and spreads his legs. He lies on his back, mind you. The woman takes position on him, facing him and allowing him to penetrate her this way. While the act of love making begins, she arches her back away from him, thus allowing the man the ability to manipulate her clitoris with his hands. This position is favored for its advantage of bringing the woman orgasmic pleasure from the stimulation of her clitoris.

The Doggy Position

In this position, the woman will go down on her hands and her knees, and incline her hips so that they face the ceiling a little bit. The man will then take his position behind her, so as to suck her vulva, lick it or simply penetrate her. This is a perfect position if you wish to revive the sexual fires in your relationship by trying something adventurous and kinky for a change.

The Right Angled Position

In this position, the woman lies on the bed with her buttocks at the edge. It can also be done using a table. The man may prop her back with a pillow so she doesn’t strain her muscles. He may then enter her. If she grips him around his waist with her ankles, she will heighten the pleasure for both of them. This way, she will feel even the tiniest movement of the manhood in her vulva.

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