Natural Treatments for Infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive and bear a child. A couple is usually said to be infertile if conception fails to take place after a period of one year of having sexual intercourse with no protection. Infertility can be suffered by both male and female. It is a serious medical problem that affects about 15% of the world population.

Though a serious health condition, infertility can be treated and conception can be achieved thereafter. A lot of persons have at one time or the other in their lives suffered from this ailment but today they are proud parents of children. With the help of medical science infertility can be successfully treated.


Before treatment begins for infertility, a thorough medical examination is usually carried out on the affected individual. Part of this examination is done to know the medical history of the patient. Details of the lifestyle the patient has had over time will be helpful in determining the possible causes of the condition in the individual. Some persons have been found to suffer from infertility as a result of past indulgence in unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

A woman’s age also plays a contributing role to developing this medical condition. Women who are past the age of 35 are very likely to have a decline in the state of their reproductive health. It is therefore advisable for women to seek the attention of the fertility doctor as they approach this age bracket.


A series of tests will be carried out and the results of these tests will aid the fertility doctor to clearly ascertain the patient’s condition and the exact level and type of infertility. These test results will also give a guideline as to the method of treatment that could be adopted in order to get rid of the problem. Some of these tests are ultrasound scans and sperm count tests for the males.

If a person has been diagnosed to be having infertility problems, the next advisable step to take is to consult a fertility doctor so as to commence fertility treatment. A fertility doctor is well trained to handle such medical issues. There are different treatment options available and with the help and advice of the fertility doctor, an option suitable for the patient will be agreed on and thereafter treatment can begin. The treatment methods are safe and easy and when carefully followed regularly the infertility will give way for fertility within a period of time.

Part of the treatment plan may also include placing the patient on special diets. Foods rich in vitamins C and E as well as foods rich in Zinc are very helpful in getting rid of infertility. They should form a large part of the patient’s diet.

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