Nexus Pheromones Review

Sometimes good looks are not all that count. Ever wondered why some men seem to get all the girls and others don’t? You might say it is their looks, dressing or money but this is not always the case. If it was just looks, money or dressing, then why do animals which have neither of these qualities get attracted to each other? Like animals, we as humans give off a particular scent which attracts the opposite sex to us. The scent is referred to as a Pheromone scent and not all men give off this scent. If animals can get to enjoy what this scent has to offer, then you should not be left out either.

When we sweat, we tend to release these pheromones into the air and this communicates subconsciously to women, arousing their sexual instincts and response. It is true that most good looking guys have this scent but this pheromone scent is not restricted for them alone. You too can have it if you know what to do.

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Why are some men deprived of this scent?

Being that this scent is only given off when we sweat, this means that no sweat, no scent. The hygiene rules many of us like daily shower, wearing deodorants and washing clothes regularly often washes away this scent. Apart from this, our lifestyle influences it too. Poor diet and health reduces the action of this scent.

How does Nexus Pheromone help you?

Men without this scent have looked for ways to get it back and so scientists have come up with a potent formula to give you that powerful Pheromone scent. After years of research, Nexus Pheromone is a combination of seven human pheromone compounds that imitate the pheromone scent and amplifies it a thousand times. These compounds include:

• Androstenone: This is a mammalian pheromone that has a sharp and pleasant scent. It was detected in animals to cause dominance in some males as well as attracting the opposite sex for mating.

• Alpha Androsterol: This is a sex pheromone which is found in the human sweat. Its scent is irresistible and it is known to induce feelings of attraction and comfort in those who have it.

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• Androsterone: This is another sexual pheromone which is a metabolite of testosterone. According to research, it has been discovered that men with this pheromone are masculine. This scent is naturally produced in the liver and elevates the moods of women who encounter it.

• Epiandrosterone: This scent is found in the urine and is a metabolite of the steroid which causes youthfulness.

• Beta-Androstenol: The pheromone causes women to get friendly and relaxed with you.

• Androstedienone: This heightens the mood of women and makes them sexually responsive and caring.

• Androstanone: When combined with the other ingredients, it increases your masculine features.

All you have to do is spray it on your neck or chest just like every other cologne and this makes Nexus Pheromone. Use it with your favourite cologne and become every woman’s dream guy.

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