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There is nothing compared to overall fitness and health. It gives you nothing to worry about. Just as physical health is necessary, sexual health is just as important. What is the use of being physically fit if your sexual health is nothing admirable? Today, many of us are actually ignorant as to what can or can not harm our sexual organs. We assume it is healthy just because of the fact that we can have sex. Well, sex is not the only function of the penis. If your goal is to make babies, having sex does not guarantee this. It is one thing to have sex and another thing entirely to have a healthy sperm. In the same vein, if your semen is healthy but you can’t enjoy your sex due to erectile dysfunction or penis size, what good is that?

Not everyone knows the right way to keep a healthy penis. We may have done a few trials and errors at one time or the other just to have a healthy organ. In order to keep a healthy sexual organ, all you need is a blueprint to show you the way to go. Penis health is a package containing scientifically proven exercises to help develop your penis appearance and performance. Sperm quality and quantity, penis size and sexual stimulation all contribute to having a better erection during sex. Most of the time, we are responsible for our lack of erections, even without our knowledge. How? Our quality of sex is largely affected by our daily activities and what we put into our mouths. Let’s see a few things you should know about your sexual organ.

  • Penis erection is determined by blood flow. Smoking has been proven to shorten the penis drastically, sometimes up to a centimetre. By smoking, you harden your blood vessels and this makes erection difficult.
  • Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are sometimes caused by a prostrate gland that has been enlarged. This is why regular medical check-up is important.
  • The volume of your semen influences your erection and drive. It also increases your orgasm. Research shows that a woman’s orgasm is four times longer than that of men. Having a low semen volume simply means less satisfaction.
  • You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Average sex lasts only for about two minutes. What happens when during that time, you can’t gain a single erection while your partner has all of the drive in the world?
  • According to research, the longer the penis the enhanced the “displacement of semen” that you will attain during sex. When this happens, your penis simply gets harder.
  • By eating the right foods and doing the right set of exercises, you have the ability to have sex for about five times a day. The testis produces thousands of sperm cells every second, making it completely possible to do this.
  • Sometimes, our erection problems are caused by excess sexual activity. Your penis can not serve you well if you do not treat it well through proper exercises and diets.

So you see, having that long and hard erection is actually in your power. Penis Health is your complete guide to having bigger erections through the exercise program. Not only do you have access to penis erection exercises, you also get tips and advice from the experts as well as updates on new developments. These exercises are not time consuming but blend in with your daily activities. Just like normal exercise, the penis exercises just need to be done for eight minutes in a day, three times a week.

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