Penis Widening Surgery

In many culture, discussing about the penis is seen as doing something which is forbidden. Irrespective of that, it is a well known fact that many men in history have shared serious concern and worry about the size of their penis and have wished having an enlarged penis. The dimension and cinch of the penis has continued to be a cause of worry and distress to men up till now. The reason for this is because the size and cinch of penis has a lot of connotation to a man socially as well as psychologically. Most men desire to have an enlarged penis to satisfy their sexual partner plus to make them self-assured that they have what it takes for maximum and optimum sexual pleasures both for themselves and for their sexual partners.

In recent times, the number of people who desire to have their penis length and width enlarged through medical surgery has considerably increased. This is because there has not been any fixed standard for this controversial type of penis enlargement. You should also know that many surgical system of penis enlargement has been done and it produced an unsatisfying result.

In the early and late 70’s, doctors who specializes in children’s health demonstrated the surgical method with male children that have small penises. As a result, this was extensively publicized in the media and the wide knowledge of the success and the publicity has led many men who have small penis to desire to have their penis enlarged through surgical method. This demand of men to go for surgery for penis enlargement is similar to the intentions of women who go for plastic operation for breast enhancement just to boost their ego emotionally and also for visual beauty.

A recent research shows that more than ten thousand men in the United State of America was surgically operated upon for penis widening from 1991 to 1998.The majority of men who did penis enlargement surgery  did it for the reason; they aren’t comfortable with the small size of their penis. Irrespective of this fact, penis enlargement surgery has its own after effect disadvantage like all other type of surgery. It can lead to a lot of problem.

There are two type of penis enlargement through surgery method. The first type of surgery is the one that increases the length of penis while the other one increases the width and circumferences of the penis.

Penis enlargement surgery that increases the width and the circumferences of the penis is done by extracting fat cells from the stomach and infusing it into the penis. This helps to enlarge the width and circumference of the penis on a temporal basis. The main problem with this method is that the infused fat cells are less strong and weak cells and can easily be riveted back into the body and the increased penis width and circumference disappears. In some cases, the fat cells may be riveted back unevenly into the body resulting to an unattractive looking penis.

Penis lengthening surgery done to increase the length of the penis can also lead to poor penis erection. It is done by cutting the ligament that normally holds the penis leading to the majority of the part of the penis that stays inside the body hanging outside which will make your dick bigger.

Again, penis elongation through surgery method is very costly and the cost is something within the range of 3,000 dollars to 10,000 US dollars. Also, there is always the possibility of the penis getting infected, or too much loss of blood and some important tissues and organs in the penis may be badly destroyed. It could also result to an ugly looking penis, nerve in the penis may be completely destroyed, lack of sexual feelings and impotence.

It is really advisable to check out the risks involved in penis enlargement through surgery method and weigh it along side with what one stands to gain before making up one’s mind to go through penis enlargement surgery.

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