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Lots of men have sex, but not all of them get to enjoy it. It is not news that sex is important, regardless of your gender. Every man wants to enjoy it with their partner, but sometimes not all men are lucky enough to get what they want. This is not due to the fact that some men do not know how to have sex. This is because not all men have an optimally performing organ. Many factors are known to cause the inability of a man’s penis to function properly. Some include: erectile dysfunction, small-sized penis, low sperm count and also low semen volume. Enjoyable sex is sometimes determined by how long and how much semen you ejaculate. For some, their semen volume is terribly low.

Male enhancement products are all over the market. Men with problems of low semen volume have a wide range of semen enhancers to choose from. The truth is that not all these semen enhancers actually increase the volume of your semen. Some products are made just to help you spend your money. This is not the same with Performer 5.

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Performer 5 is a semen enhancer with a unique formula that gives you about five times more potent and larger ejaculations. This means that your present ejaculations get to increase by 500%. Imagine having sex with your partner and not being able to stop just because the ejaculations keep coming. Performer 5 works on your body from the inside and gives you results on the outside.

Why do some men have semen issues?

Low semen volume is not usually a problem that can be expected. Our sexual activities sometimes affect the semen volume. Having frequent sex makes you feel masculine but it is not good for your semen. The more you have sex in a short period of time, the more the volume of your semen reduces. It is always good to give your semen time to multiply in volume so that you get to enjoy your next round of sex.

Our diet is also another cause of low semen volume. Some foods we eat contribute little to nothing to our semen volume. Always consume foods rich in minerals and vitamins to help reproduce and multiply your semen.

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How does Performer 5 help you?

One obvious benefit of using Performer 5 is an increase in the intensity of your orgasm. Our bodies can only retain little amounts of nutrients like mucuna pruriens, creatine monohydrate and L-arginine which are responsible for semen enhancement. Performer 5 contains more amounts of these nutrients as ingredients to help enhance your semen. The ingredients function in the following ways:

  1. Zinc: Zinc in its pure state helps to increase your semen volume depending on how much of it you have. Performer 5 contains ten times more than the recommended amount of daily zinc intake, ensuring maximum semen production.
  2. Creatine monohydrate: Body builders use this ingredient to boost energy and reduce fatigue. This nutrient gives you the necessary energy and stamina needed during intercourse.
  3. L-Arginine: According to medical research, a small amount of this ingredient can speed up growth, help you gain long lasting erections, double your sperm motility and aid an increase in sperm count.
  4. Mucuna Prureins: This ingredient contains seeds which produce chemicals that help to keep your level of testosterone healthy. It also increases your sexual desire, stamina and appetite.

Your partner deserves everything that sex has to offer, so do not deprive her. Become sex-ready by increasing your semen with Performer5.

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