Premature Gray Hair Treatment

Whether it is as a result of ageing, sickness, cistron or dieting, you will start to have gray hairs at the time the follicle halts adding color to your hair or at the time your system runs short of the melanin pigment. Although we have a couple of officinal remedies and cosmetic for persons suffering from gray hair, you could attempt some good natural remedies as well.

Plain Yogurt

Blend a gram of white pepper or the powder from coffee using 100g of plain yogurt which hasn’t being sweetened. Rub the blend on your hair and its scalp in a smooth manner. Clean it off using moderately warm water and shampoo at the end of an hour. When you attempt this routine for a period of a week you will see positive changes. Though the curd will make your hair to shine and keep dandruff off, the white pepper will assist in getting your hair to be black and the coffee will keep your blond.


According to Indian herb doctor and ayurveda experts, when you rub nails jointly and use it on your hair it can eliminate gray hair. To perform this remedy, you need to fold your thenar inwards, getting the two thenars near and rub the nails using one hand with the ones in the other hand. It should be done in a quick and repeating motion. This movement and nail rubbing will enhance the circulation of blood to your hair scalp and assist in enabling your hair roots to become more solid. This will in return assist to keep lightlessness of your hair. Though this can be carried out at any period in any location, it requires just 6 months to see its full results.

Calabash and gooseberry

Prepare a blend of same divisions of calabash juice and olive oil. Though this will assist in the entire health of your hair, by making it to be shiny, ample and long, the mixture will really make your hair to be black and keep graying off. According to a well known, old, south Indian lore, Indian herb doctors of the present top drug companies still trust a blend of same amount of Indian gooseberry and the paste from mango seed to give the same result if applied on the scalp for a period of 30 minutes and applied on a steady basis.

You should take foods which have high content of protein like fish, whole grains, poultry and soybeans. Minerals like zinc and iron and vitamins A and B are essential in deterring gray hair. As such, you need to consume foods like beef, cauliflower, parsley, liver kidney, almonds, cabbage, yogurt, they will give you the required nutrients.

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