Proven Ways to Increase Penis Size

The penis size problem is not a strange one. It is very common to every nation and race, and the male population knows that very well. There are men all round the world who would be glad if they had a few extra inches added to their penis size. Even at that, penis solutions being proffered in various forms seem to be quite unsatisfactory. This being said, it becomes clear why almost every man wishes he had the secret to a greater penis length, if only to share to his unfortunate brethren – at a price, probably.

However, despite all that may appear to stand in the way of an increased penile length, there is indeed a way to get a greater penis size. Yes, it is no myth – the penis can be lengthened. However, the problem lies in thinking that there is a specific product on the planet that can work this wonder for you. First of all, please note that when it comes to penis enlargement, there is no easy way out. Thus, you have to be wary of products that promise you a couple of inches at almost no effort on your part. To get the penis size you wish you had, you are going to put in deliberate and persistent effort. You will need to be consistent too, and there is no on-and-off pattern to this stuff here. If you continue reading on, you will find out how to get the penis length and girth of your dreams. To increase your penis size as effectively as possible, you will need to consider penis enlargement exercises. They are medically proven and are certified effective in boosting the length and girth of the penis.

Here are some natural exercises to commence to get the penis size you wish you had:

Clamping exercise:

This method involves stopping the flow of blood to the penis using a clamp. This will make your blood vessels free of blood for a while, so that when you remove the clamp the rush of blood to your penis is incredible and it can increase the size of your penis. It will both result in a longer and thicker penis size as well as give you a much harder erection. To use this technique make a clamp using a piece of rubber band, and make a clamp at the base of your penis. With this in place, masturbate and try to bring yourself off to a climax. If you do it right, you should ejaculate. It is only when you successfully masturbate that you are permitted to take off the clamp. If you continue with this technique, your penis size will grow a lot faster.

Jelqing/Milking Exercises:

This exercise referred to as the milking exercise is basically the easiest and most popular penis enlargement exercise. It gets the name from its similarity to the milking of a cow’s udder, in case you wondered. Using your index finger and thumb, you can begin the up and down motion on your penis, taking care to maintain pressure at the right areas. This stroking motion works to increase the flow of blood to the cells and tissue of your penis. If you must switch hands while milking, ensure that there is no break in the flow. Ensure that you increase the number of milking you do on your penis as the weeks go by.

Kegel Exercises

This exercise is targeted at strengthening the penile muscles, which works both to boost the blood flow and the strengthening of an erection. It works by strengthening of the PC muscle, a muscle located between the scrotum and the anus.

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