Romantic Love Making Ideas

A lot of people have encountered hitches and dead-ends in the bedroom. Most times, these guys actually end up making their girlfriends moan and it is not for the right reasons. If you are in this category, these all-new love making techniques will teach you how to do it right. Men, if you wish to have your lady moaning because of the joys you are bringing to her and not to just let you get it over with, you will need to do a little bit of extra work. The first thing you should know is this: it takes a man an average of two to three minutes to achieve an orgasm when he receives pleasure from a woman. This is quite contrast to the female orgasm, which can take up to fifteen minutes before it is attained.

Herein lays the problem. Men are not built to last that long. In fact, if you last that long with a woman, then you aren’t making love to her, but having sex with her. Therefore, if you wish to make love to her and also bring her to peak, then you need to become a master in the art of foreplay. Foreplay isn’t that hard, relax. Before you think about throwing in the towel, you need to understand this: all you need is the quick use of your hands and your tongue, and you will be halfway through in understanding the best love making techniques you can ever call up. It is assured that if you follow the tips found here, you will become a master in the art of lovemaking. You will have your lady going from orgasm to orgasm until she can take it no more. All you need to understand is the erogenous zones of the female anatomy.

The neck

The neck of the woman seems so supple and we tend to like to take a light bite out of it. Apart from just being an innocent sexy thing, the neck is a reserve of stimulations. This is one of the five erogenous zones in the body of a woman. You need to understand how to make the best of this spot. You should start by kissing this area, starting from her shoulders to the base of her ears. While kissing this area, you should draw slow sensuous circles around the spots with your tongue. This is sure to send little shocks of pleasure coursing up and down her body. If you do this very well, you can have her breath coming in slow short gasps within a very short time.

Ear lobes

There is something that should be noted about the ear lobes. It doesn’t always work for every woman. Some women just get tickled by it, while some others are excited by it. While you are sucking on the lady’s ear lobes, you can whisper some sweet words in her ear. What the lady really desires is close contact of your faces, and this is a good thing for you to do if you have gotten tired of lip kissing. Massaging the ear lobes with your delicate fingers can also work the magic, if you do this sparingly during the making out.

The nipples

This area is almost as sensitive as the neck, if not more than. When you minister to them with your tongue, they will harden quite rapidly. Ensure that you pay equal attention to both breasts, and also kiss in-between the bosoms as you switch nipples. If the woman doesn’t grab your head and press it harder onto her bosom, then you are messing up really badly.

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