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If you are looking for a proven formula that would increase the volume of your semen, Semenax is just what you need. With semenax, the volume, quality and fertility of your semen will increase. Being that ejaculation is a “must do” in any sexual activity, making sure that the impact and pleasure is felt is just as important. There are lots of semen enhancers in the market today that it becomes hard to know the counterfeit from the one that truly works. Although Semenax is a trustworthy product that gives you your desired result, you still can’t buy something that you don’t want. Knowing the goodies that Semenax has to offer alongside how it works should get you convinced.

How does ejaculation occur?
There are two main functions of a man’s penis. It serves as an excretory organ and a sexual organ. It expels urine from the body as well as to release sperm into a woman’s vaginal canal. Two cylinders are responsible for its operation, namely the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. You do not need to worry about the pronunciation. The corpus spongiosum is centered at the urethral channel and is a tubular structure through which urine passes. These sponge-like cylinders serve as draining pools for blood supply. An erection then occurs when the tissues are filled with blood.

It is important to note here that there can be conception without an erection. When the penis is in a semi-rigid state (not relaxed), orgasm can still occur. This sounds like good news right? Well it is not entirely good news because without an erection, you might not really enjoy having sex.

Orgasm is a strong feeling which occurs at the peak of sexual excitement. Orgasm only occurs in men when they are sexually stimulated, though the amount of stimulation varies with different people. It also causes an increase in breathing, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

During intercourse, some muscles in the genital region and pelvic organs contract and transfer seminal fluid to the base of the urethra where it is stored. It is at this point that orgasm is at its peak and ejaculation becomes unstoppable. Once this feeling is stirred up, semen is shot out of the penis. The amount of semen you have determines whether or not you will enjoy this part. The more semen you have, the longer your ejaculation will be. Also, the longer the ejaculation, the more pleasure you derive from it.

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How does Semenax help?
The ingredients which Semenax consists of are responsible for increasing the amount of semen in the testis. These ingredients are natural and produce no side effects. Some of them include;
•    Swedish flower: This helps keep the reproductive system healthy.
•    Brazilian Catuaba bark: Like the Swedish flower, it nourishes the male reproductive system and strengthens sexual libido.
•     South American Maca: This also promotes sexual libido, reduces the possibility of impotency and provides sexual energy.
•    L-Lysine: This amino acid is responsible for increasing testosterone and sperm production. It also improves the quality of semen.
•    L-Carnitine:  This increases the amount of motile sperm.
•    L-Argigine HCL: This is another amino acid which increases the volume of semen and fertility.

Now, there is no reason for you to feel sorry for yourself all your life. You no longer have to manage the fact that your orgasm and ejaculation experience is not long lasting. With Semenax, erection, ejaculation and sexual pleasure have just gotten easier.  You don’t have to worry about the safety of using Semenax because it is certified and medically proven. Using Semenax would help you shoot lots of semen while still enjoying yourself for a longer time. Don’t piss your partner off by hesitating. If you need one, go get one.

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