Semenax Review

Semenax is used to boost the strength of your orgasms by incrementing the amount of semen you discharge. Large amounts of sperm push your system to work stronger to discharge all that sperms and it is the heightened strength of muscle compression that drives your orgasms straight to the top.

Semenax is taken one tab for three periods in each day. It is what will do this work. Together with helping to increase the volume of your semen, you will encounter an overall enhanced sexual libido. Your newly discovered confidence will aid to impel you to perform better and a boost in erectile stiffness.

The sexual network of men is a composite of interaction of numerous different sections for you to gain uttermost pleasure; all of them must function in peak condition to achieve its full aim.

In addition to boosting the volume of your cum, it will also give you erectile support. Semenax has the active ingredient which is made up of a mixture of all natural aminoalkanoic acid and powerful herbal concentrates from countries like China and some of the ones in South America and Europe. A lot of these ingredients have been selected as a result of its extended use in conventional societies.

How semenax functions to boost your sperm volume and sexual satisfaction

In order to have a sense of the essential function that ample and healthy ejaculation does in male sexual pleasure, let us have a glance at the way male climax functions. Male orgasm occurs at the apex of sexual pleasure at the time numerous muscle factions contract at the same time, including:

The ejaculatory canals, the pc muscle, rectum, perineum and the anal splincter.

The compressing muscles are the means to sending the loads of sperm. The initial couples of contractions are acute and close as one, happening at a range of 0.8 second time interval. As sexual climax extends, the contractions lessen in strength and length and happen at lesser steady time intervals. Nevertheless, the more fluid that is useable for each orgasm, the higher contractions it requires to blast all of them out. And every contraction is intense and strongly-felt.

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Semenax ingredients

Semenax contains a mixture of more than 10 natural and herbal ingredients. Some of them are namely:

L-lysine: scientists have discovered that this herb in addition to zinc boosts sperm production, induces testosterone generation and enhances semen taste.

L-arginine: research demonstrates that semen and sperm volume doubles, enhancement of fertility within guys who have weak sperm motility and low sperm counts when they take this herb. The state of your sperm will improve when you take this herb.


This herb is seen in high density in salubrious sperm. It is known to boost the percentage of extremely motile sperm.

Catuaba bark

It is a type of herb from Brazil that fortifies sexual libido and sustains the body thereby boosting your sexual function.


It is an ancient herb from South America. It is known to elevate sexual energy and libido.

Pin bark extract

It is an extract from pine bark that boosts the generation of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a type of chemical which partakes in the sexual responses of a man. It is also valuable in helping you gain and maintain hard-rock erections.

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Semenax side effects

Semenax has no known side effects. It is a dietary supplement and it is no pharmaceutical drug, so it requires no prescription or even steady visit to your doctor.

The production of semenax was made in a CGMP-standardized laboratory. As such, you will get

Its all natural active constituents

A harmless product without any known side effects

No costly prescriptions

No painful device or complicated operations

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