Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Anyone who has been considering using diet plans to get rid of excess weight must have, at one time or the other, come across the low carb diet. There are a variety of them around today, but essentially they are mostly about consuming lower carbohydrates and higher proteins, thereby promising fast, simple and effective weight loss.

They do indeed deliver on this promise, but it is easy to over-utilise them and end up with other health problems. The following tips will help you get the best out of your low carb weight loss diet, while maintaining a good state of health.

1) Shorten your exercise routines. I know this may not sound right, being that exercise is a key ingredient of most weight loss programs; the more you exercise, the more you are supposed to lose weight. That’s absolutely true, but the thing here is that when you’re on a low carb diet, your energy levels are drastically reduced. Vigorous exercise may become counterproductive and lead to physical and mental fatigue, as you do not possess the necessary glycogen levels to sustain it.

2) Eat lots of veggies. Since vegetables are extremely low in calories, they do not cause any significant changes to your carb diets. Instead, they contain vital nutrients you need for a healthier body, nutrients which your carb diets do not provide.

Making vegetables a part of each meal ensures that you stay healthy while moving ahead in your low carb weight loss diet plans.

3) Drink up. Water is an essential part of good living whether or not you are trying to lose weight. When on a low carb diet, it becomes extra important to consume lots of water. The reason? High protein and low carbohydrates easily dehydrates the body. The only way to achieve fluid balance, then, is to take more water.

Also, by taking in more water, you tend to reduce your overall hunger levels. This in turn helps in reducing overeating.

4) Have intermittent high carb days. Finally, the last tip to help you maintain your health when using low carbs weight loss diets is actually to have an intermittent sprinkling of high carb days. Yes, that’s right. The purpose of this is to balance your rate of metabolism; if there was any slow down during your low carb days, a few days of high carb consumption sprinkled here and there helps to offset this.

High carb days also help in relieving you of particular food cravings, so that you do not perform this indiscriminately throughout your low carb diet and ruin its effectiveness.

In conclusion, low carb diets are a simple way to lose weight, but by putting the above tips into practice you ensure that you not only lose weight, but remain healthy while doing so.

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