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 Not many men are really happy with the conditions of their sexual organs, especially when it comes to size. With the kind of messages made broadcast on different media today, who wouldn’t be. This has conditioned most of us to feel insecure and less self confident, especially in bed.

If increasing the size of your penis is one of your priorities now, don’t worry, there are many products out there to try out. The question is which one should you try first. Well, what you don’t want to do is to use a product that gives you side defects or reactions. There are very few reliable penis enlargement products in the market and Size Genetics is one of them.

What makes Size Genetics so special?

Well, Size Genetics is a special penis traction device which is medically proven and produces absolutely no side effects. In addition, being that the Size Genetics product is completely adjustable, you get your results when you want it and just how you like it. But first, you need to understand how it works.

Your penis is made up of muscles that are incontrollable, especially when it starts erecting, because the muscles contract involuntarily.

Just like in weight lifting, the muscles in your body grow and develop when properly trained. In your penis, stretching is used to achieve this same effect, since your penis is made up of muscles just like your arms, abs and so on. By applying stretching force, you will get a gradual, significant increase in the size of your penis.

Being that Size Genetics have been in existence for years now, you can be sure of its reliability and effectiveness. Only trustworthy products can stay in the market for so long.

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When do you start seeing results?

Nothing good comes easy. When using products like Size Genetics, you really do have to play your part. If you want to see the results you desire, then you’ve got to be patient and persistent. The good news is that when you continue to use Size Genetics for up to twelve months, you will see a significant increase in the length of up to 3 inches and an increase of up to 1.5 inches in girth of your penis. If you don’t feel convinced, why not carry out your own research so you feel comfortable about what you want to purchase.

Are there any side effects?

Unlike pills that have more of internal side effects, male enhancement products like Size Genetics only produce external side effects, usually associated with the penis, but you can be rest assured that Size Genetics has no such effects. In today’s market, there are two types of penis stretchers: the noose extenders and the strap extenders.

Before strap extenders were produced, the noose stretchers have been in the market. The noose stretchers also stretch the penis but prevent proper blood flow into the penis area and this causes you to feel pain whenever they are strapped to your penis. However, the strap stretchers were invented to solve this problem. These stretchers were specially designed to fit perfectly on your penis, thus allowing proper blood flow into the penis area and making you feel comfortable at the same time. Size Genetics falls in this category and so you don’t have to worry about pain.

Being that not many men feel uncomfortable purchasing such penis extender from the local store nearby, products like Size Genetics are always available online. This allows for easy payment, shipping and a whole lot of privacy.

The benefits attached to using Size Genetics are numerous. You only get to know them when you start using it. If you are still indecisive as to what penis enlargement device to use, why not try Size Genetics today, you’ll be glad you did.

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