Size Genetics vs X4 Labs

The two top rated penis extenders on the market are namely x4 labs and size genetics. The aim of this review is to compare the essential features of x4 labs and size genetics to determine the most effective amongst them. Below is a side to side comparison of size genetics and x4 labs.

Level of comfort

Comparing the comfort of Size Genetics and X4 Labs, size genetics is more comfortable to wear. Size genetics is made up of 2 unique model but x4 labs have numerous models. Its comfort varies from model to model. If you want the best comfort from the use of x4 labs, you will need to buy its deluxe model whilst size genetics ultimate system gives the best result.

Size genetics is the only penis extender with a unique comfort strap technology. This ensures your comfort when you put it on, eliminating pain or injury which is peculiar to inferior penis extenders. Size genetics is made using a padded rubber comfort strap. It does not block blood supply to the penis like the silicon noose strap.

X4 labs is made using advanced silicone noose strap. Though it is a more advanced form of silicone noose strap, but it is still similar to the traditional silicone noose strap used by homemade penis extenders.  It is only an inferior device that will still carry traditional silicone noose strap. This is no longer in use and it is not comfortable to the penis.


Comparing the results of x4 labs and size genetics, Size Genetics delivers the best results. Size genetics can increase the length and girth of your penis by 30%. The body of a human being was smartly made to adjust under pressure. Size genetics utilizes this awesome ability to your favor. By employing a steady traction over your penile length, size genetics induces the body’s growth function.

In order for your penis to adapt and adjust to this new pressure, it will start to develop large and new tissue cells, resulting to a bigger penis. This is the science under which size genetics was made. Modern-day orthopedic surgery also utilizes the principle of traction to lengthen legs or fingers and also to conceal tissue blemishes of the face. Size genetics standard penis gain for persons who use the Ultimate system is 3 inches.

X4 labs claim its average gain for persons using their extender for a period of 6 months or more to be 2.7 inches in length. The percentage for the average increase in length stands at:

17.55% for a period of 3 months

24.11% for a period of 4 months

33.63% for a period of 5 months

X4 labs is founded on the same principle of traction.


The official price of size genetics vary from model to model. But you can get a discount of 50% when you use their e-voucher of ECON8. The prices of various models of size genetics are:

The SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System: $389.85

The SizeGenetics™ Device Only: $350.00

The SizeGenetics™ Starter Edition: $199.95

X4 labs has up to 4 models. The prices of this model vary. They are namely:

X4 extender gold premium – $445

X4 extender gold edition – $345

X4 extender deluxe edition – $245

X4 extender starter edition – $140

Final verdict

Among x4 labs and size genetics, the best pick is size genetics. The reason is because it is better in comfort and results (in terms of penis gains) than most models of x4 labs.

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