SlickWraps Review

Slickwraps shields each and every one of your portable electronic
gadgets in style. Its lightweight skins are available in a pack of designs, textures and colors. It has been proven to protect against scratches, fingerprints, dusts and other stresses on your phone. It has presently launched the iGlowphone that converts a bare iphone or ipad into a beam in a dark talking piece.

Slickwraps can be used as a protection on all electronic devices like cell phones (HTC, iphone, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia), ipods, macbooks, gaming consoles, ipads, laptops, ebook readers (kindle), and headphones.

Slickwraps is the top source for high caliber shield for consumer electronics and accessories. Most of its products have appeared in lots of leading online electronics mags and technology blogs. Focusing in small electronics and smart phones, it surpasses its competitors by selling top class caliber materials at the cheapest price available. It regularly looks for fresh materials and innovations to widen its product range.

Slickwraps is the first company to appear with new thoughts and custom materials, like the largest familiar iGlowphone. The next thing that keeps SlickWraps on top of its competitors is the way it makes its products and the way it gets the materials. Slickwraps is an American company, owned and run by an American. Each of the products delivered by slickwraps is produced in America and it sources the materials from local vendors. As a result of its state of the art machinery and high tight quality control, customers are ensured that each of the product they purchase from them will be world class quality and not sourced from abroad.

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Black Carbon Fiber Full Body Wrap

It is among the best selling full body wrap for your portable device. It is produced using carbon fiber products and will shield all areas of your iphone 4 from scratches and dust. This three-piece creation wraps the top, back and edge of the gadget in carbonfiber giving it a 360-degree shield. The product used for its development is bouncy and will not extend or crease when you use it on your phone. As a result of “air channel” support, this wrap can be used without getting any zero bubbles on your device. This carbon fiber iphone 4 skin is of high quality and cannot be seen anyplace on the globe. It is different from a lot of related products that utilize 3M carbon fiber. Slickwraps makes use of its personal brand that is unique for electronics shelter whereas 3M is not. When you try out this unique item, you will get the full gist of what I am talking about when it comes to the best in electronics production.

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