Surgery to Increase and Make your Penis Bigger

In many cultures, discussing about the penis is seen as doing something that is forbidden. Irrespective of that, it is a well known fact that many men down the history have shared serious concern and worry about the size of their penis and have wished to have an enlarged penile organ. The dimension and cinch of the penis has continued to be a cause of worry and distress to men up till date. The reason for this is because the size and cinch of penis has a lot of connotations to a man socially as well as psychologically. Reasons why most men desire to have an enlarged penile organ are: to satisfy their sexual partner, to make them have full confidence that they have what it takes for maximum/optimum sexual pleasures both for themselves and for their sexual partners or just for self satisfaction.

In recent times, the number of men who desire to have their penile size and width enlarged through medical surgery has considerably increased. Although, there has not been any set standard for this controversial type of penile enlargement, many surgical system of penis enlargement which produced unsatisfying result have been done.

In the early and late 70′s, doctors who specialize in children’s health demonstrated the surgical method with male children that have small penile organ. As a result of the positive results obtained, this method of penis enlargement was extensively publicized in the media. The wide knowledge of the success and the publicity led to many men who have small penis to desire to have their penis size enlarged through surgical method.

Despite these recorded successes, penis enlargement surgery just like every other type of surgical operation has its own disadvantages and negative after effects. This means that series of problems could arise during and after the surgical operation.

Penile enlargement through surgery is mainly of two types. One type of penis enlargement surgery deals with increase in the length of the penis. The other type of penis enlargement surgery deals with increase in the diameter and overall circumference of the penis.

Penis enlargement Surgery to make your penis girth or length bigger:

In this method, the length or the girth of the penis is increased by extracting fat cells from the man’s tummy and introduced into the penis area. This process increases the penis width momentarily. The problem with this method is that the fat cells from the tummy are very soft and the gain in the penis width could go away the moment the soft fat cells get retracted back into the body system. Again the retraction process may be uneven making the penis to look unattractive.

Penis Enlargement Surgery to lengthen size of the penis:

This penis enlargement surgery is done by cutting off ligaments that attach the penile organ to the pubic region. This gives rise to some part of penis shaft that stays inside the body to hang out and forward thus increasing the penis length. This method also helps to improve penis erection.

Penile enlargement through surgery is very costly apart from the fact that it can lead to complications like disfigured penis, absence of sexual urge, impotence/infertility, and inadequate circulation of blood down the penis and in some cases damage to some parts or the entire penis. It is estimated to cost between 3000 to 100,000 US Dollars. Considering the high risk involved notwithstanding how professional/experienced the medical surgeon is and the exceedingly high cost as well, it is not rarely advisable for one to choose this method of penile enlargement.

My final advice to you before choosing this method of penis enlargement is ‘looking very well before you leap’.

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