Techniques to Delay Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a scourge indeed. It tends to go sway past bedroom success and permeate every area of a man’s life. When one man experiences the problem of premature ejaculation, it often reflects first in his ego, sadly. However, one does not have to pass through the travail of these problems. There are ways to treat the problem these days. Here are a few suggestions:

The techniques to delay premature ejaculation

You are going to be introduced to some relatively easy and cheap methods for treating premature ejaculation. Try them out and be impressed by your improved sexual performance:

Try various sexual positions with your partner

It has been shown that some men tend to come to a climax when they are in the missionary position with their partner. In case you are wondering what the missionary position is, it is the sexual position where the man is on top of the woman. It has also been shown that a simple switch, like the woman being on top, can make the difference. Take note though, since there are a lot of variations in the sexual tastes of people with respect to sex positions. A better idea is to flip through a list of sexual positions. This means that you can get to change sexual position after every few minutes of intense sex. Before the next position is assumed, a little pause for rest on the part of the man is helpful to maintain stamina.

Using a desensitizing cream

The principle of the desensitizing cream works by reducing the feeling experienced by the genitals of men during normal sexual intercourse. This reduction in sensation leads to a longer staying time for men in the bedroom, something that is desirable to people with problems of premature ejaculation. However, there is a problem: men who have used such creams say that they do not end up enjoying the sexual activity. Do not try to let it slip by your partner. As much as possible, be honest to her and let her know you are using a desensitizing cream. Another disadvantage of a desensitizing cream is that it can be transferred to the sexual organs of your partner during sex, thus making it harder for her to also attain an orgasm. If this occurs, it is fair to say that everybody would have come full circle.

Exercise your pelvic muscles

Of course, you guessed right. Pelvic exercise is an exercise used by women to help with incontinence. However, that is not all it is good for. It has been discovered that pelvic muscle exercises also help in correcting premature ejaculation problems. Here is a brief rundown. Women who have had children may experience a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. This is the reason for their incontinence. However, all hope is not lost for the women. Kegel exercises (or pelvic muscle exercises) can help this problem of incontinence. Good news! That same pelvic muscle is the one that regulates the rate of ejaculation! The contraction of this muscle is what expels the semen from the prostate glands. Thus, a man who takes his Kegel exercises seriously would be able to correct his premature ejaculation disorder.

The routine for this exercise is quite easy enough.

All you need to do is to flex the muscles by causing it to clench as if you are trying to stop yourself from urinating. You should hold this for up to five seconds, release and rest for three seconds, and continue again. You should work at this until you can hold it in for at least ten seconds. Work your way to doing about 100 contractions everyday. The good thing about the exercise is that you can do it anywhere – even at work!

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