Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Getting the knowledge of how to stop premature ejaculation can help keep your sexual activity alive. This can help married couples to enjoy a satisfying, lasting and a happy sex life, let alone the great feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you can stay long in bed. If you are looking for a way to overcome premature ejaculation now, read some of the ideas below to know the three techniques to overcome premature ejaculation.

1. Get use of the feeling. I truly believe that getting used to the feeling of being inside your woman is one of the most important things to consider when it come to lasting longer in bed. The problem some of us have is that we spend most of our time pleasuring ourselves; maybe with the help of a magazine, and when it comes to making love, we are swept over by the sensation of being inside a woman. Coupled with all the visual and touch sensation, this can make life very difficult. The best way to get over this problem is just to spend more time inside your partner. In fact, try to spend as much time inside her as possible. As time goes on you will get used to the sensations and you should be able to last longer in bed.

2. Maintain a sweet position. Sometimes when we are making love, actually, we are not thinking about what is taking place in our body, but the next time you have a sexual intercourse with your partner. I want you to pay close attention to something. As things get going, you will likely notice that some positions are more exhilarating than others. The main thing to look out for is the position that provides the least stimulation for you. This may become your sweet position or default position to use when you are finding it very difficult to delay ejaculation. Look out for positions that have a lot of thrusting involved, as they can bring on ejaculation quicker, and you may find it more difficult to last longer in these positions.

3. Concentrate on how you breathe and try to breathe at the proper time. Some people may advise you to breathe slowing from the onset of sex and to maintain your breath at a certain pace all the way through lovemaking. This advice is good, but you and I both know that it is not easy to concentrate on the pace of our breath at the best of times, not to mention during sex. The only simple breathing technique that has worked for many over the years is to take a deep breath at the right time.

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