The Female Orgasm Book

Orgasmology is an ebook which contains the tested and proven tips to make any women orgasm. It was designed by a man called Woody O Wilcox. The ebook contains all the information that will teach you the things you need to know to take your place on the throne of sex. The Orgasmology ebook is already a popular orgasm guide, so when you get it out, you will find out why.  It will show you newer and better methods of making love with your partner – 230 methods in fact.

Orgasmology is just what has turned sex from being a clumsy art into a science. If you are scared of science, don’t panic, mercifully, it isn’t the kind of science you should be scared of. Orgasmology is fun and easy to follow. The steps are detailed and in a matter of time, you should become good in the art of bringing your partner peak to sexual pleasure. In Orgasmology, you will be taught the three aspects of your mindset you need to change for your own good. You will understand the concept of the two to one ratio for orgasms.

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You might think it is impossible to bring your partner to an orgasm every time you have sex. Orgasmology says otherwise. You will also understand the useful technique of knowing if she is faking the orgasm or if it is the real deal. It will totally put you in charge. In Orgasmology, you will also find some new sexual positions. Spoiler alert: these new sex tips will make the ones you learnt from the Karma sutra seem depressingly dull.

You will also learn twenty one new secrets to bring about explosive orgasms that will make your partner daydream all day of having another encounter with you. As human beings, we are created with specific erotic parts of our bodies that if touched right would lead us into a wide world of sexual potential and heavenly bliss. Some of us may just be overconfident or conversely under confident, and this can lead to a dismal sexual performance. This can be corrected if we took a tip or two from the book, Orgasmology. When you apply the guides talked about by Orgasmology to make women orgasm, you are bound to give your partner mind-blowing sex which will surely lead to multiple orgasms, no matter the number of sessions.

Note that this isn’t a porn site, but a site designed to take your sexual prowess to a greater level with rational and proven tips.

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