Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast

So many people have pondered on how to lose weight for decades. Some have clung to the erroneous belief that for them to lose weight, they must starve themselves of food. This is very erroneous.

Losing weight has to do with burning more calorie than you eat. This implies that the total amount of calorie that you burn each day must exceed the amount that you take in daily. Thus, to lose weight, you must keep a tab on your calorie usage and your calorie consumption. You can follow the tips  listed below:

1. Calculate your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR):  Your BMR is the basic calorie requirement of your body to maintain normal body functioning. It’s the amount of calorie required by your body for normal heart beat, digestion, thinking, etc. It is the amount of calorie you need each day for normal body functioning. There are many places where you can check out your BMR for free online.

2. Calculate your Activity level: Knowing your activity level is very important in your quest to lose weight. Your activity level is a measure of the amount of calorie you use up carrying out your normal daily activities like carrying a heavy bag, climbing up a stair case, jogging or lifting heavy weight, doing your laundry etc. One of the best ways of measuring the amount of calorie you use is by wearing a heart monitor. Add up the total calorie usage for a week and find the daily average to know your daily activity level.

3. Know how many calories you eat: knowing how many calories you eat is very important. You can determine your daily calorie intake by keeping track of the amount of calorie you consume daily using a food journal. Write down what you eat and drink daily for a week. Then find the amount of calorie contained in them and record it. Find the average daily consumption by dividing the total calorie taken in for a week and dividing it by seven (7).

4. Add your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) to your activity level calorie usage. Then subtract your daily calorie intake from this sum. You are at risk of gaining weight if the amount of calorie intake exceeds the sum of your BMR and your activity level calorie usage. For example, if Jennifer’s BMR is 1500 calories and her activity level is 500 calories, then she must eat 2000 calories of food to maintain her body weight. If she eats 2250 calories daily, there will be an excess of 250 calories. This implies that she would gain weight at about one pound every two to three weeks. To lose weight, she will have to increase her activity level or reduce her daily calorie intake. The best way to increase the activity level will have to be through regular daily exercises. You can start exercising for about 15 minutes every 5 days. You can then gradually increase it until you reach the recommended 50 minutes daily for 5 days. There you have it, exactly the tips you need to lose weight.

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