Tips to Lose Weight in 10 Days

When it comes to losing weight, the challenge is indeed a broad one. Questions relating to how much weight you intend to lose, which methods you intend to use in achieving your goals and the timeline that would work for you are all very important in ensuring that you stay focused and objective in your expectations.

However, though broad this challenge is, these 4 tips to quick healthy weight loss in 10 days will help you in narrowing this problem.

Step 1: Resolve.

According to weight loss experts and dieticians, losing weight has a lot to do with the mind. Before you can succeed at it, you have got to first resolve in your mind that it is possible and that you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your aim. To motivate you, think of all the things you stand to gain once you lose weight, most notable of which is better health and less risk of falling prey to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Once you are convinced of the reasons why you must lose weight and have become seriously motivated, draw out a plan of action, taking into consideration the changes that must be made in your lifestyle in order to make your weight loss a reality. Keep solid track of the foods you eat, the exercises you do and measure your weight at the end of every week. Monitor your progress.

Step 2: Eat healthy.

It is true that old habits die hard. This is truer with eating habits since choices have to be made on a daily basis. Read widely and acquaint yourself with the types of food to eat, how much to eat and the time interval between meals. If necessary, consult with a dietician.

Generally, healthy eating for weight loss means lower fat, higher fiber and higher protein, and of course lots of leafy greens, fruits and water. Eat less, but don’t skip meals.

Step 3: Exercise.

You really cannot run away from exercise if you truly want to lose weight. I know exercise can seem tedious and boring, but the good news is that you can start small and increase your exercise frequency once you start getting comfortable with it.

By far the simplest and least tedious exercise you can engage in is walking. It may seem as though nothing is being achieved at first, but if you stick to it and then include morning jogs and hopefully make it to the gym, you are bound to see results sooner or later.

Step 4: Be consistent.

Let me tell you a little truth here. It is pretty easy to lose weight. With the vast number of available products, diets, exercises and all-what-not available for weight loss today, virtually anybody can lose weight. The biggest challenge is keeping the weight from coming back.

If you become too overjoyed and comfortable with the progress you are making and become complacent, chances are your weight loss problems would just come right back. So, to be certain that your weight loss is permanent, continue eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle even after you begin to see results.

Remember, everything is possible if only you are determined and committed to achieve your goals.

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