Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

About 40-45% of men have the problem of premature ejaculation. It must comfort you to know that many others are facing the same problem as yours, if you have this problem. It is not an uncommon problem in men and what this means is that the sufferer is not able to bring their sexual partners to orgasm before they ejaculate. This makes the woman to feel unhappy, unfulfilled and sad. If this problem of not satisfying your woman, not staying as long as you would love to in bed as a result of premature ejaculation have been bothering you and you wonder what you could do to stop it, then you have come to the right place to find the best tip you are looking for.

Men who have this problem of premature ejaculation make their women unable to enjoy lovemaking and live an unhappy life. It has led to some emotional problems as such women are left longing for more, feeling void and empty during sex. Many women have deserted their partners as a result of this bitter truth. Some other women however keep to their partners but have it boldly written on their faces that they are not sexually satisfied by their partners when having sex. Men who are conscious and cautious about the feelings of their cherished partners frequently search for tips to get rid of their problem of premature ejaculation to give satisfaction to their partners.

Most men try anything they could lay their hands on like creams that reduces their libido, pills or medicine. Using a cream that reduces your libido has a disadvantage of also reducing the libido of your partner complicating the problem and making sex and penetration less enjoyable to her.

If you use a pill that is less effective, it could frustrate you the more and at the same time result in your suffering from the side effects. Your problem is then compounded. You will not get rid of premature ejaculation and have attracted some sorts of unpleasant situations to yourself.

Apart from the fact that premature ejaculation makes you and your partner suffer physically it also constitute social, mental or psychological situation. You are unable to master the time and the rate at which you ejaculate due to your emotions and state of the mind and not due to physical malfunctioning of your penis. The reason for ejaculating prematurely is your inability to hold the sudden gathering together of sexual sensation on the erected penis. Controlling when you ejaculate is an act which could be learned. In fact, your staying power to sexual pleasure during the act of physical sex can grow and mature over time giving you and your partner a better chance and opportunity for more pleasure. One of the best methods through which you can achieve this is by the use of antidepressants. You can also achieve it by masturbation prior to the actual love making or by the use of creams that numb your feelings on the penis when erected.

Antidepressants eliminate your nervousness and make you confident enough because the main cause of ejaculating prematurely is the nervousness during lovemaking. The removal of your nervousness means that you are able to last longer in bed. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to be taking the drug on the daily basis to eliminate the anxiety any time you have sex.

You can learn these proven methods that work very well at helping you master your own feelings and determine when to ejaculate. When you do you will be the true lover that makes his woman happy in bed. You can also learn some secrets of climaxing and permanent cure for premature ejaculation by using the ‘great discovery – Health and beauty’ methods of curing premature ejaculation.

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