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Size genetics is a top penis enlarger product which you can use to increase the size of your penis. In order for size genetics to increase your penis size, you will need to wear it on your penis organ for up to 5 hours per day. It is comfortable to use, thus it does not pain when you put it on. Size genetics is the most effective penile enlarger on the market which is certified by medical experts.

There are up to four benefits of using size genetics. They are namely:

1.      It adds extra inches to your penile length and girth.

2.      It will make you to last longer during sex as well as encountering intense orgasms.

3.      It gives rock hard erections.

It is not all penis enlargers that will deliver real results. If you use a poor quality, unproved and untested enlarger, then you will get small or no gains at all. And you will endanger your penis by causing deformity and irritation to it. The reason is because most penile enlargers on the market are made using tension part which is not thoroughly tested. Nevertheless, Size genetics penis enlarger has been thoroughly examined and is the most technologically innovated and highest enlarger in terms of quality which you can purchase.

It is made using parts that are up to medical grade which does not rust or even bend easily. It is made by the British in England, so you will be certain you are not buying made in China product which is usually inferior. The enlarger is made with a comfort strap rubber which is padded and it does not break off blood flow like the silicone noose straps which is sold with fake and low in standard enlarger. Size genetics top penis enlarger is rated as a medical type 1 enlarger and it holds the European CE health stamp to give you full rest of mind.

How size genetics natural penis enlarger works?

Conceive of a muscle trainer carrying weight. As he carries bigger weights successively, he will expand and strain the muscle he is carrying the weight with. This will lead to the creation of small micro tears and cell germination on the muscle. It will get bigger, harder and retain more blood as it becomes larger after the muscle has healed. Penis enlargement functions in this similar manner. Your penis is a muscle and regular straining, training and pushing the bounds of the muscles in the penis will make it to get larger. And it is similar to weight training in the sense that the more you participate, the bigger you will gain.

All you need to do to get real results from size genetics is to wear the extender on your penis with no need to lift weights using your fingers. It will send a fixed and invariant tension on the copora cavernosa of your penis. It will make the cells inside your copora cavernosa to move back and separate, generating new salubrious cells as a result of cell germination. This implies that in the space of a couple of months, the copora cavernosa will get to be larger, thus causing your penis to be larger due to it can now hold more blood at the time of erections. Your penis will be wider in its erect and flaccid state.

If you make use of sizegenetics as instructed by them, your penile organ will grow. It is the fact. The medical community has known for a long time that the body has awesome recuperation power and has utilized traction technology in vast forms of medical treatments, including the extension of stunted legs and arms.

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