Top Rated Penis Enlargement Pill

Comparison of Top Penis Enlargement Pills

We took it upon ourselves to carry out an in-depth investigation to discover the top rated four penis pills which can be seen on the market. You will be taking the right decision when you choose from the top rated penis enhancement and enlargement pills, preferable number one, for the aim of enhancing the size of your penis.

The Top Rated Penis Enlargement Pills are known as:

No 1 – MaleExtra

MaleExtra is a two in one penis enlargement system which contains tried and proven to work mixture of penis-enhancing and awesome quality ingredients. It gives you a 1500mg per serving at an affordable price which delivers the most effective results more than its competitor products. Male extra is without doubt the top penis enlargement system.

Main Benefits of Male Extra are:

1. Increase your penis size and erection by 3 inches. Increase will be seen in both girth and length.

2. Delivers a more intense orgasm

3. Enhances your overall sexual life in an amazing way

4. Give awesome sexual stamina

5. Gives bigger and harder erection size

Our reason for picking MaleExtra as the number one penis enlargement system which can be seen in the market is as a result of its ability to deliver the most effective result more than the rest of other penis pill and it does not cause any kind of side effects. The people who took Male Extra are known to be moved by the results they received from it.

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No 2 – Vigrx Plus

Vigrxplus is the number two penis enhancement product which can be found on the market. Vigrx plus producers allege that the penis has two reduplicated chambers known as the corpora cavernosa. At the time these chambers become aroused, they expand and become filled with blood giving you a bigger penis and the hardness possible erection.

The power of your corpora cavernosa to become filled with blood at the time of arousal can affect the length and thickness of your penis, and the ability of the corpora cavernosa to achieve this aim can decrease as you become older. Based on cogent evidence obtained from clinical test, it was uncovered that the tissue of the penis of the corpora cavernosa can expand in capacity and function more effectively at the time it is exposed to some type of active ingredient which are the unique active ingredient found in vigrxplus.

It is through this theory that vigrx was made. It is a complete natural supplement combined using rich potent ingredients in the adequate dosage which will give the biggest penis enhancement ever.

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No 3 – Vimax

Vimax is a penile enlargement supplement which can enlarge the penis length and girth. It is created by making use of natural ingredients pulled out from herbs. It also help to supercharge sexual libido, last longer in bed and gaining of harder erections. It is made using herbs gotten from Asian which have been demonstrated to work, as such you will be convinced that vimax will boost your sexual performance.

It is one of the few penis growth pills that will aid you to reach your optimum penis growth. It is amongst the cheapest penis enlargement pill ever created. Taking vimax can add up to 2 inches to your penis length in few weeks.

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No 4 – Prosolution

Prosolution is a male enhancement system which has a dual synergism performance complex, this implies that it is a two in one product. This specially made product was blended with potent ingredients which gives visible penile enlargement.

Prosolution provides men with enhanced, stronger and larger erection as well as seeing to it that you are always longevity and healthy sexually. The crucial elements utilized for its creation work to incease the size of the penis and return powerful male enhancement. The main constituent of prosolution is L-Arginine. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid which concentrate on the improvement of male sexual libido and enhance the level of your testosterone.

With prosolution, you should hope to get

1. Bigger, stronger and wider erections

2. Enhanced sperm production

3. Supercharged semen volume

4. Mind-blowing orgasms.

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Male Extra contains the finest ingredients and potency in its individual capsule better than the other products. This is founded on scientific and clinical study. This is among the reason we picked it as the number one male enhancement product on the market.

Results Comparison

We have rated the four best penis enlargement pills based on their benefits and features. The table shown below provides the comparison outcomes so you can see with your eyes the way they compare.

Expected Results MaleExtra™ Vigrx Plus Vimax Prosolution
Stronger Erections prosolution tick vigRX plus tick vimax tick
Enhanced Sexual Libido male extra tick prosolution tick vigRX plus tick vimax tick
Mind Blowing Orgasms male extra tick prosolution tick vigRX plus tick vimax tick
Enhanced Bloodflow male extra tick prosolution tick vigRX plus tick vimax tick
Larger Ejaculations male extra tick vigRX plus cross vimax cross
Penis Enlargement male extra tick prosolution cross vigRX plus cross vimax cross

Powerful Comparison

I have detected that majority of the penis enlargement products do not disclose the quantity of pills and MG count for each serving on their site but when you purchase and get it the details they are on its container. I have carried out a research to reveal the quantity of pills in each packet and the MG per seriving of each of them.

Information MaleExtra Vigrx Plus Vimax Prosolution
Pills in Each Serving 3 Pills 1 Pill 1 Pill 1 Pill
MG in Each Serving 1500mg 500mg 500mg 250mg
Disclosure on Website? male extra prosolution vigrx + vimax pills


Cost Effectiveness Comparison:

I have evaluated the cost of one month supply and three month supply so you can see how they compare in terms of price.

1 Month Order MaleExtra Vigrx Plus Vimax Prosolution
Per Box $72.15 $76.99 $53.95 $78.95
Per Pill 23.97 54.21 40.59 54.21
MG Per Serving 1500mg 1457mg 1440mg 250mg
Shipping FREE FREE $19.95 FREE


3 Month Order MaleExtra Vigrx Plus Vimax Prosolution
Per Box $63 $68.66 $46.49 $62.98
Per Pill 19.89 54.21 40.59 46.85
MG Per Serving 1500mg 1457mg 1440mg 250mg
Shipping FREE FREE $19.95 FREE

Money Back Garauntee Comparison

Prosolution pills gives you a 90 day risk free with no hassle assurance. It says you have to take their sugggeested dosage of prosolution and if it is not able to deliver their promised result, then you can return the remaining unused bottles for a complete refund.

Vimax maintains you should return the unused product within the period of 60 days for your money back if it turns out that you are not satisfied.

Vigrx Plus offer full guarantee on each order boxes but you will have to return the product within the period of 67 days but male extra provide you up to 90 days to try their product before you return it for your money if you are not content with its result.

Male Extra gives you 90 day guarantee with no risk. That implies you have up to 90 days to try male extra and an additional 30 days to return it back for your money if you are not okay with the results.

Guarantee MaleExtra Vigrx Plus Vimax Prosolution
Minimum Usage No minimum! No No No
Return window * 120 days 67 days 120 days 60 days
Cover all orders? Yes – all sizes! 2 months & above 2 months & above Yes


As you must learnt from our top rated penis enlargement ranking that Male Extra takes the lead. It has the best amount of benefits as well as finest ingredients.. If you are in search of the best penis enlargement pill with the most effective ingredients that will increase your penis size, give you mind blowing orgasm, aid you last longer bed, then maleextra is the best in the market. A good alternative to maleextra is Vigrx Plus. The next alternative is Vimax, it is not only effective but it is also affordable.

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