Treatments for Infertility in Men

Not being able to father a child or give birth to one can be very frustrating for any parent or person desiring to have children. This inability is referred to as infertility. It is a medical condition that affects the reproductive health of affected individuals.

The news of being infertile can be very disheartening especially for the women, as they are most widely believed to be the cause of infertility in a relationship. The fact however is that men can suffer infertility too. Well, the good news is that infertility can be treated and reversed. Below are some proven useful tips that can help to get rid of infertility:

1)    A couple faced with the problem of not being able to conceive should seek medical help from a fertility doctor. Most cases of infertility have underlying factors responsible for them. Series of tests will be carried out and the exact cause of the condition will be ascertained. Some of these causes may be untreated STDs, disorders in the woman’s ovulation and fibroids.  Once the cause of infertility is known and treatment properly carried out, conception is sure to take place.

2)   The use of virginal lubricants should be avoided when a couple is trying to conceive. Virginal lubricants can form a hindrance to the conception process by weakening the male’s sperm and making it difficult for them to have easy movement through the cervix so as to fertilize the woman’s eggs. Without the successful fertilization of the eggs conception will be impossible.

3)   Smoking and drinking of alcohol can cause infertility in both men and women, so it should be avoided. Smoking causes low sperm count in men. It also negatively affects the fertility of a woman. Alcohol intake in the same way can affect the reproductive health of both men and women. It can also lead to health problems in unborn children. This means that couples who are serious about having children must stop smoking and drinking completely.

4)   Another serious cause of infertility is stress. Unknown to many people, stress can affect the reproductive health of an individual thereby reducing fertility level. In women, stress has an effect on the menstrual cycle. People trying to conceive should try as much as possible to relax and avoid any form of anxiety.

5)   The food consumed by people affected by infertility can also help in getting rid of the ailment. They should consume more of fruits especially those high in vitamin C and E. They should also eat lots of vegetables. Other foods that can be eaten are grains, nuts, beans, cheese and milk.

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