Ways for Men to Have Multiple Orgasms

At one time or the other, you are going to have sex and you will want to have pleasure doing it, right? Before this can happen, you will need to experience intense orgasms which will give you a really full ejaculation. This means that to increase your orgasm, you will need to have a really high sperm volume. What if your sperm volume is quite low? Does this mean that you can not have pleasurable sex? The answer is no. Let us take a brief overview of how the whole process of reaching orgasm works.

For both sexes, orgasm occurs when we reach our peak during sexual intercourse. It is when you “hit the spot”. It is at this point that all the muscles in the genital region contract in harmony with each other. These muscles include the ducts for ejaculation, PC muscle, anal sphincter, muscles of the penis and more. These contracted genital muscles create the perfect motorway for the sperm to zoom through.

During sex, the first few experiences of orgasm will make the contractions of these genital muscles really intensive and closely packed. The more the orgasm, the more the contractions of these muscles gets less intensive. They also get weaker with the prolonged orgasm. This means that if your sperm volume is really high, you are going to ejaculate lots of it when at your peak. This will definitely make you feel really good and satisfied.

This just shows that having a good sperm volume would give you intense orgasms. The more sperm you have, the higher the probability of your partner conceiving. After all, this is the whole purpose of sex, right?

If you have a low sperm count and the sperm volume you ejaculate is miserably small, then you need to work on increasing the volume of your sperm. There are various ways to have multiple orgasms for men, but I’ll give you just a few to get you started.

1.    Keep your genital muscles fit
By saying this, I mean exercise your PC muscles. Just as your body performs better when pumped up with muscle training or well coordinated with yoga exercises, the same goes for your genital muscles. By giving them frequent exercise, you’ll increase your orgasms and have total control over how much and when you ejaculate.

2.    Develop a healthy diet
Low sperm count is sometimes caused by having an unhealthy lifestyle. This involves eating lots of junk food and performing unhealthy activities. You can increase your sperm count by simply eating the right food. Processed foods will do more harm than good to your body, especially your sperm. You need to start eating foods rich in zinc. A very good example of such foods is oysters. They help to increase the hormone which produces your sperm. Other foods like poultry, bananas and nuts will also do a good job for you.

While planning your diet, don’t forget to include vitamins, especially vitamins C and E. Having a diet with all this food in it would definitely enhance your sperm volume.

3.    Get sexual pleasure with enhancement pills
By taking enhancement pills, you will be doing your sperm two favours. You will increase both its volume and quality. These two things are very important if having babies is on your mind. Some pills are both semen enhancers and sperm volume boosters. You could get pills that do these two functions or the specialized ones.

Whichever orgasm boosting method you choose, just remember you won’t start seeing results the moment you start your workouts or medications. It is going to take time and patience. Well, who cares? As long as it can give you what you want which is better orgasms, then go for it. You will be glad you did.

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