Ways to Enlarge your Penis

Most families undergo serious conflicts just because their female partner is not satisfied whenever you engage in intercourse with her. And the husband in turn is usually not satisfied too. This means that for you to enjoy perpetual happiness in your married life, you must be able to satisfy your partner sexually. If you are stocked in this type of case, you shouldn’t worry because after reading this article, you will be able to increase your penis size and enlarge your penis girth. Although scientific method of enlarging penis can be destructive, we shall only consider natural ways of increasing the penis size and enlarging penis girth.

Firstly, we shall look at the stretching method. When using this method you must be careful not to over do it in a specific given time. Just grab your penis when it is not erect, hold the base tightly and stretch forth to the tips. Continue this process for 5 minutes and allow resting for a while. Then pick up a Pornographic material that can make you feel arouse, in form of a book or a movie. When you gain your half erection, start the above procedure again for 5 minutes, then you are done for the day. Repeat this method till you achieve you desired size. Note; the mechanism of the above process is that when stretching your penis from base to the top, you are making the muscles to be more elastic thereby allowing it to accumulate more blood during erection because the more blood it accommodates the bigger in size.

Second method is application of penis stretchers

This involves the special extending frame to increase the size of the penis. This frame stretches the penis all the long. Also the mechanism of this method is to increase the size of the penis so that it will show significant size when erect. This method is also safe to use.

Third step is kegel exercise.
Although the exercise is not targeted at the penis but it is geared towards the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is responsible for the delay of erections.

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