What Makes your Vagina Tighter

What makes your vagina tighter is talked about inside the content of this article. Vagina tightening is one of the most important things that a woman can do, especially if improving her sex life is a priority. One of the main causes of delayed orgasm in women is because of having a loose vagina. During sexual activity, having a loose vagina will cause little or no friction between the sexual organs. Having a loose vagina is not any woman’s desire but sometimes it just can not be avoided. Let us look at a few causes of a loose vagina. Exercises and vaginal tightening creams will make your vagina tighter.

1. Child birth

Most married women always avoid the issue of childbearing and it is not because they don’t like children. It is simply because they still want their partner to appreciate them in bed. During pregnancy, the woman must continue to have sex, not for the fun of it but to loosen the vagina. If this is not done, it is either extreme pain would be felt during childbirth or the baby might just get strangled halfway through the vagina. This is why mothers who have stopped child bearing need to have their vagina tightened so as to continue enjoying their sex life.

2. Excessive sex

Too much of anything is not good and sex is one of them. When you work for twelve hours, six days a week, you will eventually breakdown one day. This is also true with the vagina. When it gets used beyond what it can handle, it gets weak and loose. Having moderate sex gives your vagina time to repair.

3. Overweight

The bigger you get, the wider your vagina becomes. Well, this does not apply to all cases. As you gain weight, more flesh gathers around your vagina muscles, which makes it loose its firmness.

These are just a few of the many causes. Now, let’s look at how you can tighten that loose vagina.

When you have sex and you reach orgasm, your PC (Pelvic Cavity) muscle contracts. The pelvic floor which constitutes the uterus, bladder and urethra moves up. It is these muscles of the pelvic cavity that are strengthened. If tightening your vagina the right way is what you are after, then engaging yourself in vagina exercise would be most appropriate. What you need to do is enroll in a program where you will learn just how to make these muscles stronger and more powerful.

You have a lot to gain with tighter and healthier vaginal muscles. For example:

- Frequent orgasms

The stronger the muscles, the more blood they will require. Ever wondered why the tips of your fingers are more sensitive that every other part of your hand? This is because the tips of your fingers contain more blood than every other part of your hand. This is also true with a more strengthened vagina. The more blood you have rushing to your vagina muscles, the more sensitive you will be to touch and therefore, record breaking orgasms.

- Intense orgasms

Once you complete the needed exercises, you will have complete control over you vaginal muscles. This means that you can decide to strengthen or loosen your grip on your partner’s penis during sex. The tighter your grip on your partner, the more intense your orgasms will be.

Doing vaginal exercises is not a one-time job. You will have to do it continuously, perhaps, daily. This will entirely depend on your exercise program. If you happen to be pregnant, do not attempt this kind of vaginal exercise. Well, at least not until you have been delivered of your baby. Doing the exercises alone would not give you the desired result. You will have to stay healthy and have moderate sex. With all this in place, you will be sure of having control, especially in bed.

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