What to Do to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you have ever had to go through the anguish of losing a girlfriend, then you are no stranger to hurt at all. I experienced it all myself, and thus I can say ‘been there, done that’ with a straight face. There are things you can do to get back together with your ex girlfriend.

If the girl was really your world, you are bound to go into successive anger and depressive cycles, and you can get to hate yourself for letting her go. Some guys even take to the bottles. Personally, I would tell you to keep off from alcohol at this time, if you do not want to worsen your case.

The first ideas that occur to you are most likely to be huge mistakes. There are some classic mistakes guys are bound to make on the heels of a bad break up.

Guys, in desperation begin to harass the poor girl’s life with incessant phone calls, sweets, cakes and candies. Well, it is usually not the guy’s fault alone – sometimes his well-meaning friends could be the ones dosing him with those ‘chummy’ advices.

Well, if this is what you are considering to do . . . don’t. It will only make things worse. Begging her to take you back sucks even more – and you will only come off as a sore loser. You might think you are pressing the right buttons, saying just what she wants to hear.

You are more likely to weird her out if you carry on like that, and that could be the final straw to break the proverbial camel’s back. This is where you need a working strategy – a strategy to get her back, and one that actually works.

The strategy we are going to discuss involves you doing exactly the opposite of what your natural impulses would have you do to get back together with your ex girlfriend.

Slow it all down – yes, that’s right. Cut the contact with her – totally. Stop the calls, the nagging text messages. Yes, go into radio silence mode with her. In fact, if you can find a way to let her know, tell her that the break up was probably the best thing for both of you guys.

People who have adopted this route haven’t been able to believe the surprise turnaround of events – suddenly it was the girl calling them! Yes, she will, and she will want you guys to start from the beginning. This is where you need to hold on to the ground you have gained while still gunning for more leverage.

While the get –backs are in the works, do a little self-work – there’s a reason she had to leave in the first place. All the get your girlfriend back schemes won’t amount to shit if you do not work on yourself. Do a little soul searching and come to terms with the why and the how of your relationship. Work hard to change for her, and for you. Every lasting relationship has had a lot of work done in the background. I suggest you do the same for yours.

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